We offer a range of modern treatments:

Methadone Maintenance, Morphine Maintenance
and other opiate maintenance

Naltrexone Treatment

Subutex Detox

Non-opiate Heroin Detox or Bespoke Opiate Reduction

We aim to provide:

- safe, cutting-edge, cost-effective, successful and
evidence-based treatment to our patients;
- rapid access to treatment and to get things moving on the first consultation if possible
- flexible, considerate and balanced delivery of treatment;
- a personal, friendly, and accessible service to our clients.
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Low Cost Treatments
We offer a range of private drug addiction treatments at competitive prices. Compare our prices here

20 years
We are small, private clinic run by a friendly and caring team of doctors, counsellors and administrative staff, some of whom have been working at the Stapleford for 15-20 years.
Vacancy for a part-time doctor. For more information, please call 020 7823 6840