Follow the links below to find out more about
the range of modern treatments we offer:

Methadone Maintenance, Morphine Maintenance
and other opiate maintenance

Naltrexone Treatment

Subutex Detox

Non-opiate Heroin Detox or Bespoke Opiate Reduction

We aim to provide:

safe, cutting-edge, cost-effective, successful and
evidence-based treatment to our patients;

rapid access to treatment and to get things moving on the first consultation if possible
(often a rarity in addiction medicine);

flexible, considerate and balanced delivery of treatment;

a personal, friendly, and accessible service to our clients.
The UK's leading experts on Naltrexone
We have more experience of naltrexone implants and oral naltrexone therapy, rapid opiate maintenance induction, rapid detox techniques and conversion between maintenance opiate programmes, than any other service in the UK.
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Low Cost Treatments
We offer a range of private drug addiction treatments at competitive prices. Compare our prices here

20 years
We are small, private clinic run by a friendly and caring team of doctors, counsellors and administrative staff, some of whom have been working at the Stapleford for 15-20 years.
Vacancy for a part-time doctor. For more information, please call 020 7823 6840